What is Offpage Search Engine Optimization or OFF-Page SEO ?

offpage-seo-optimizationIf you are searching answer for the question “What is OFF-Page SEO or Offpage Search Engine Optimization, you would probably know about Search Engine Optimization to some extent.

Let us have a look at What is all about SEO, it simply some techniques which are carried out to bring our business websites, blogs, service websites or even a webpages in the tops of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Ranking our website after 10 pages or even back in SERPs won’t help us to bring traffic (sometimes called visitors) to our website. So everyone wants their website to rank in top of the serps.  As we already know, there are many Search Engines are there in Internet, amongst, Google, Yahoo, MSN are most preferred by common. Each Search Engines have its own algorithm to position the websites in its search results for each particular search query.

What are the types of Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is mainly divided into two major types one is Onpage optimization and another one is Offpage optimization. Onpage SEO Optimization is nothing but we are adjusting web component of our own website or blogs (like tags, contents, images, navigation, themes, coding, etc.,) according to the Search Engine Guidelines.

So what is OFF-Page SEO Optimization?

Building online reputation by generation links to our website from external sources likes websites, news blogs, directories and even forums etc., all such techniques are simply called off pages seo optimization. Off-page optimization doesn’t involve any coding changes, navigation in our own websites, anyone can do off page seo to any sites. We no need to have any websites access from the web server.

There are tons of places are there to acquire links for our websites. Simply gaining links from external sources alone never help us to rank our websites. There are lots of factors we need to care while building links. Most of the successful SEO Webmasters are taking care of factors like relevancy, quality, authority, traffic, domain age and reputation of the external sources where there are interested in gaining links.

The factors are keeps on changing by time to time according to the Search Engine Algorithm changes and their expectations from websites or webpages.

In common most of the SEO Giants called the Off Page SEO simply as Link Building.

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Checking Emails all Night Ruin your Sleep and Carrier


Hi everyone, today I wish to share one common thing which we are experiencing in day to day life. Are you working for a company or running a own business, you should probably using smartphones or iPhones (not only for just making call but rather you would using for checking mails, engaging in social media etc.,) If I am right here, then your sleep is ruining by your phone and emails you receiving for next day work.

Late night mail checking habit, hanging on phone till late night would not ruin you sleep alone but also it spoils your carrier indirectly. Have little confusion with you now? Yes, this is proven results that the late night working, chatting, checking mails make you feeling tired and you probably cant work brisk and effectively at the next day.

So it is better to avoid using your smartphones after 9pm for checking your work related emails and anything which is related to next day work. Many experiment shows that the blue light which are coming from smartphones displays will inhibit the sleep-promoting chemical melatonin. Even advanced phones too are capable of producing this effect.

I believe that all the smartphones and latest advanced mobile phones are perfectly designed to disturb our proper sleep in night times. And many employees are agreed that late night mobile phone using will ruin their sleep and make them tired in the morning.

In the case, you keep on receiving your next day work by the night time itself, tell your bosses to make settings, to deliver all that mails by the morning if possible.

It is very important for every employee to have a fresh brain while working, so that you need to have health sleep. Try avoiding late night mail checking and give good productivity on next day to company.

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How to turn your Social Media Fans & Followers into Potential Paying Customers?

paying-customersToday we are going to discuss about “How we can convert our Social Media Fans and Followers into high paying evangelists”. As we all know, Social Media profile is always one of the online identity of one’s company brand and even personal. Having tons of fans and followers in our social media profile doesn’t mean we win the race of social media marketing, it’s only just half. The remaining part will be how we are good to turn our followers in to paying customers. So now you know where you are standing in social media as a business man or high reputed person in your industry.

All we know Facebook and twitter are the two most using social networking sites from small business to big level business. Let’s take these two websites to explain how we can reach, engage and convert our fans into our customers.


Facebook is one of the social networking platforms where most of the online visitors are spending their times in it. As a business man, we need to have good and attractive Facebook business page. Such page should have compiled messages about our company, local physical address if applicable, services, offers, and some more useful information

We can keep on posing informative messages, promotional posts, personal posts and even some engagement posts like quiz, contest etc., to keep our fans stay in our page for at-least certain time.


Twitter is another social networking platform where we can tweets about our products, services, offers, discounts, coupons etc., we can better engagement our followers by interesting tweets. Promotional tweets called sponsored tweets also possible in twitter advertising (Mostly big business authorities only interested in sponsored tweets why because the cost is very huge when compared with Facebook marketing).

We can directly leave our personal messages to our followers. Also we can clarify all the doubts about our products or services, leave suggestions, guide our customers.

Now we will discuss about how to convert our fans and followers in to our paying customers

Add Value in your post

Always post useful information in your business pages, it may be either promotions, personal or general information. Don’t post any out-dated information, why because people always want to read only updated information. Let your fans enjoy your posts, according to that you have to create post.

Leave your offers and discounts

If you decide to offer something to your costumers, just make them to like your page or follow your profile first if they didn’t already. Better design an attractive image according to default post image size with attractive colour combination for your offers and coupons. If you want to explain your products and service features means, you can update a status message with compiled story.

 Do more quality than quantity

Always keep in mind while updating your business profile, keep your post more and more quality rather than quantity. Each and every post should give some valid information to your fans and followers. So don’t dump large and large amount of unwanted posts in your profile.

Promotional Post vs Personal Posts

It is not necessary to share only product or service related promotional post, you can also balance your posts with some personal post and even better with some quiz, contest, puzzle games etc., all such mixed post should encourage your fan to keep on spending some more time in your profile.

Meetups, Webinars and free ebooks

Don’t hesitate to try new techniques in social media, keep on trying with new tools to make your followers satisfied with your profile, products, services, and customer support. Also you can better try some meetups and webinars once in a month to make face to face communication with your customers. Try publishing eBooks regarding your products and service features, demo, guidelines etc., for free.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, the above mentioned points are few only, and there are lot more. Any what techniques you are using to engage your fans and followers, just share it here with below comment section

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Common Twitter Hashtag Mistakes

I welcome you to my new article titled “Common Twitter Hashtag Mistakes”. Before we entering into today’s topic, we need to know something about “Hashtag”.

So What is Twitter Hashtag?

Twitter Hashtag is a phrase or sentence (with no space) which are commonly using by tweeters. That specific term will be mentioned by symbol # at the beginning of the phrase.

Hashtags can be used wherever in the tweets like in the first word, or in middle or at the end of the tweet. Hashtag is used to categorize tweets by that particular phrase. It simply called Content Aggregator.

Such hashtagged words become very often used and popular will be the trending topic in the twitter.

Ok, Lets enter in to our topic, mistakes which we should avoid while tweeting..

Mistake 1: Irrelevant HashTag

Hashtag Mistake

Have a look at the image, do you think the phrase world is relevant to the topic “Why Search , Social Media and Content is vital for company’s success”

The hashtag #world is not relevant to entire topics. If someone make a twitter search with the term world, they will get this tweet in search result but it is obviously not the one he is looking for. So its better we avoid such kind of irrelevant tags or words.

Mistake 2: Multiple HashTag

Hashtag Mistake

From the above image you will get an idea what I am going to tell you now, Yes, using too much of hashtags in single tweet is not ethic and even it wont be user friendly.

The twitter support centre tells us that it is very good to not to use more than 2 hashtags in single tweet. Proof here:

Mistake 3: Unnecessary HashTag

Hashtag Mistake

Just see the above image, the tweeter uses the hashtags unnecessarily the term #SEO and #Content. If your primary words is came in tweets itself, you no need to add another same word in hastag.

If you have doubt in this, you can just make a twitter search, the tweets are coming even there is no hashtagged words are present in tweets.

I hope now all you are aware of Hashtags mistake which are usually used by noob. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can leave a comment below

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Tips to succeed in Blogging – What, Why and How Blogging

Blog Succeed TipsWhat is Blogging?

Blogging or Blog is nothing but an expression engine, where we can engage with audience. Blogging is always two way communication, blogger can express or present their own thoughts on particular topics in the form of text or image or video. It’s a great network or platform on internet. If you know how to use Facebook, YouTube, and Google+, obviously you know how to blogging. A good blog never miss to add value to visitor’s expectation. On the time period like 1990s it was called weblog and later on it is renamed as simply called “Blog”.

How to start Blogging?

Before start writing an article, better you read read and read more about your topic. If you don’t have time to write blogs, you can go for photo blog or video. Most of the fashion blogger are not well and good in writing but there are expert in photography. So it’s up to you to decide which blog is suitable to your profession and passion. It may be either text blog, photo blog or even video blog. Once you start your blogging, crack it with your own thoughts or better curate the content from Internet.

Why we consider Blogging?

People are very curious on internet to finding out their needs, solutions for their problems, and something which should be truth or fact. Blogging always should satisfy visitor’s needs and expectations. Be honest while you writing and publishing online, do present what you know or just read more and more in your topic and give your best shot. Add more and more interesting stuffs within the article like images, videos, presentations etc.,

Don’t forget linking to valuable resources in your presentation, it always adding trust to your articles as well as it increases the traffic to both the blog. People can learn more and more from the liked sources. As I told before, blogging is great network platform. Great bloggers always used to linking valuable blogs, websites and profiles from his published content.

Don’t stop writing and publishing in regular manner. People always don’t want to read out-dated information. Just keep on published with unique and updated information.

What a Superstar Blog have?

A Superstar Blog should always be entertaining, educating, informing and inspiring. No one on internet built their online reputation overnight. We have to work hard to build reputation bit by bit. A good blog would grow slow and steady and reach more visitors gradually.

Have a Happy Blogging! Will meet you on another article!!

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What is Pingback?

A pingback is nothing but XML-RPC request which is specially designed to sent from one weblog to another without any human intervention. Most of the weblogs softwares like WordPress, Movable Type, and Community Server supports pingback concept

How Pingback works?

Just assume when a weblog called Blog A is linked to another blog say Blog B, within the article published in Blog A. At the time of article gets published, admin of Blog B will get notification of pingback link like, someone is published an article with your blog links. By default pingback excerpt in WordPress is configured for admin of linked blog get notified with the details like published link, linked blog, IP address of article published etc., in the comment section.

Work Flow process

Step 1: Blog A published a article under some topic
Step 2: Blog B published some other article with a link to article which is published in Blog A.
Step 3: Blog A get notified with the new link and excerpt (if both the blogs are pingback enabled).

Benefits of Pingbacks

Pingback mainly helps to

To drive more traffic to our weblogs
To start new conversation under relevant topics
To connect blogger


Pingback is one type of communication or notification between linking and linked blogs.

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